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Picture yourself within the walls of the old Chester bank vault, dating back to Mid 20th Centry.

An Art Deco inspired aesthetic begins to paint the mural of your imagination. Beautiful. Sophisticated. Warm and Friendly. The Vault will make you feel like you stepped back in time. Imagine your perfect evening, surrounded by those closest to you, set in a thoughtfully curated and elegantly restored private space. Friendly, professional and detail oriented service anticipates your every need. Its not far from your reach. This is our invitation to let us host you the way it’s supposed to be, enveloping you in the arms of bygone modernity and classical hospitality.


consisting of an intimate dining room, a speakeasy lounge, and a wine tasting room located in the main vault.

Our intimate dining room offers stylish and comfortable seating up to 32 guests for family-style dining, multi-course tastings, and special occasions. Indulge in a custom menu based on your personal preferences inspired by local and seasonal ingredients.

The speakeasy lounge offers small bites, crafty cocktails, and a unique collection of wine from all over the world. The lounge homes a custom made blue velvet leather banquette, beautiful accent chairs and cocktail tables that can accommodate up to 16 guests.

The wine tasting room located in the heart of the main vault is embraced by a semi barreled ceiling, lustrous gold accents and sleek black carpentry. It is the home of our unique wines and liquors. The room can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests. There you can enjoy wine tastings with our beverage director and feel the hum of history surrounding you and your loved ones.

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No matter what your occasion, we cater to your experience with thoughtful service, crafted cocktails, and our award winning cuisine.

community table

a comfortable, quaint meal with a warm vibrant energy

Our farm to table, family style dinner is the perfect way to pass plates and break bread with your loved ones. Let us prepare a feast of your choosing while you share a meal around our table.

exclusive events

a thoughtful dining experience with a seasonal influence

Our exclusive events package allows you and your guests an opportunity to have a one of a kind service driven experience. Choose from our seasonally inspired tasting menus, cocktail packages and boutique wine list to curate your one of a kind event.

the gatsby experience

an event beyond expectation

The Gatsby Experience is our top tier event package. It is our greatest pleasure to share the our passion for hospitality with you.


Events custom to you, with pricing specific to your personal needs.

Nothing is more important than feeling comfortable and inspired by beauty on your most special and memorable days. Our Vault exudes class and sophistication, coupled with humble and detail oriented service. Our team doesn’t miss a beat, relax while your needs are anticipated before you have to lift finger. We ensure a friendly and warm atmosphere with top tier service. That’s our promise to you, as your hospitality confidants.


rehearsal dinners

We know this is a special time to get together with those closest for an intimate and memorable meal. Laughter, tears and the sharing of a good quality meal you can be sure to never forget. Your standards are high, and lets us ensure you that we can meet and exceed them.

business meetings

We understand that your colleagues and clients are the foundation of a great business. We open our special space to hosting business luncheons, business meetings, dinners or special private events. Our digital screen gives you the opportunity to host more than just a fine meal. Let our Private Events Specialist curate your needs without taking away from your busy schedule. We can be trusted to do the work for you.

chef classes & demonstrations

Join Chef Joel Gargano as he teaches you and your friends & family how Grano Arso prepares it's signature dishes, as well as classic Italian favorites. This can include and is not limited to Pasta Making, Bread Making, Simple Desserts, Party Hors d’oeuvres, and Regional Italian Cooking.


It’s a true treat when you are mingling in our lounge. Clean and modern design, comfortable seats and plenty of room to flutter through the brand new room. The old Vault from the mid 20th century, now hosts our boutique wines and quartz counter tops for wine tastings and events.


Special milestones call for special spaces. We have the experience and passion to deliver the best events every single time. Picture the warmth of the room, soft lighting and the most delicious smells dancing in the air while you and your closet friends and family enjoy the moment in each others company. You feel relaxed, as you celebrate and settle into what true happiness looks feels like.


Impress your guests with one of our beverage events. A personally curated experience just for you.

the cocktail lab

Our lounge is the perfect place to have the perfect experience. The Cocktail Lab gives you and your guests your own mixologist, crafting a proprietary cocktail experience for you and your guests. Smoke, foams, elixirs: treat your most valued company to a one of a kind and leading edge experience. Inquire with our Events Director to illuminate a proprietary evening you won’t receive anywhere else.

cocktail demos & classes

Learn how to mix classic cocktails like a professional. Our beverage director gives you and your guests a hands on tutorial in proper technique and teaches you all of her secrets in fine cocktail crafting! Bring a group and have fun!

tastings in the vault

The Vault of the old bank still hosts some very precious gems. Our boutique wine collection adorns the walls and we are excited to invite you in for a taste. Whether it be a reception for a small group before dinner, entertaining a few clients for a business meeting, or special interest in a tailored wine tasting experience. Let us curate the perfect fit to match your needs.

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